Welcome to Barton Arts!

Barton Arts aims to draw together a kaleidoscope of performers, organisers, happenings, events and entertainment representing a broad spectrum of what is loosely referred to as “the Arts”. Our role is to provide an annual platform for local talent, as well as drawing in to Barton excellent productions from further afield.

Since one of our functions is to provide an umbrella to enable local groups to perform under our aegis, please bear this in mind if you are an organiser of such a group and have current plans – we are happy to consider enrichment of our celebrations from varied sources.

Barton Arts is a Charity Registered in England and Wales (Number 1121736) and is organised by a committee of seven trustees.

We have a stimulating and diverse collection of events to cater for a wide audience.  If you can’t see anything that appeals to you any suggestions would be most welcome.

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